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Information About Scouting

For over 100 years, Scouting programs have instilled in youth the values found in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. You are located in the Dan Beard Council of the Boy Scouts of America which serves more than 30,000 youth in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Today, these values are just as relevant in helping youth grow to their full potential as they were in 1910. Scouting helps youth develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives while having fun with friends his own age.  

Adventure of Scouting

Outdoor Fun

In Cub Scouting you'll have lots of fun, adventure, and activities with your den and pack. But there's more to it than that. Being a Cub Scout means you are a member of a worldwide youth movement that stands for certain values and beliefs. Cub Scouting is more than something to do. It's all about the boy you are and the person you will become.

What Is Cub Scouting?

What do Cub Scouts do? How old are they? What awards can they earn? Look here for quick answers.

Cub Scout Values
As a Cub Scout, you do your best and you help others. You learn the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. You also learn what they mean and how to apply them in life all while having fun with friends.

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Safety Comes First

The safety of your child while involved in any Scouting activity is the Boy Scouts number one priority. Scouting is all about creating fun, unique opportunities for youth in a safe, protected environment.  Scouting has been teaching proper safety techniques and preparation for over 100 years, and the BSA has created safety policies, procedures, leadership selection requirements, and established age-appropriate guidelines for all Scouting activities.

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Scouting Results

Achievement in Scouting

Scouting provides youth with an opportunity to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and reinforce ethical standards. These opportunities not only help them when they are young, but also carry forward into their adult lives by improving their relationships, their work lives, their family lives, and the values by which they live.  See more specific studies and results here


A previous Harris Interactive study found that 83 percent of men who were Scouts in their youth agree that the values they learned in Scouting continue to impact their decisions and are important to them today. 81 percent of previous Scouts place a high value on family and maintaining strong, healthy family relationships.  87 percent of men who remained in Scouting five or more years attribute their work ethic and their self-confidence in their work to their Scouting experience. 83 percent say there have been real-life situations where having been a Scout helped them be a better leader throughout their lives.

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